About Partnership Initiative for Sustainable Land Management

Task Force

The main function of the PISLM Task Force is to provide operational policy guidance to the PISLM taking into consideration the policy directives which are provided by the various Ministerial Bodies.

The tenure of the PISLM Task Force rotates every 24 months. The Chairmanship of the Task Force rotates between the Non-CARICOM SIDS and the CARICOM SIDS and the meetings of the Task Force should be convened at least twice during the 24-month cycle of its tenure.


The composition of the PISLM Task Force shall comprise of five (5) UNCCD Focal Points, one Civil society organization and any three of the following Associate members :  UNCCD, CARICOM Secretariat, UWI,  UNEP, CYEN, FAO, CNIRD

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