Partnership Initiative for Sustainable Land Management (PISLM)

Support Office

To facilitate interaction and dialogue among the national, regional and international partners and encourage the active participation of all major groups in the pursuit of the conservation and sustainable utilization of land resources in the Caribbean. As such, PISLM Support Office is a service provider and facilitates the implementation of the PISLM but does not implement actions itself. The Support Office is responsible for coordinating activities regarding the PISLM throughout the Caribbean region and the execution of the PISLM is intended to be completed by farmers, engineers, agencies etc.

The PISLM Support Office is responsible for implementation of activities from the Business Plan and reporting to the Task Force. Through the Support Office, all documents related to activities, meetings, evaluations, etc., can be viewed by the Task Force.:

The functions of the PISLM Support Office are to:

  1. Facilitate the implementation of the decisions of the PISLM Task Force including such administrative and technical arrangements as may be required;
  2. Make all administrative and logistical arrangements for convening sessions of the PISLM Task Force, including compilation and transmission of reports to all partners of the PISLM;
  3. Prepare and submit biennial reports on its activities to the PISLM Task Force;
  4. Facilitate the coordination of the PISLM with the relevant national, regional and international partners;
  5. Formulate comprehensive work programmes in keeping with the decisions of the Task Force;
  6. Prepare and submit a biannual work plan and budget for review and approval of the PISLM Task Force;
  7. Provide oversight for the implementation of prioritized projects;
  8. Identify resource needs to support its operations and other activities as directed by the Task Force for the implementation of the PISLM.

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