About Partnership Initiative for Sustainable Land Management

PISLM Assembly

The PISLM Assembly comprises of Focal Points from each participating Party of the UNCCD and the BPOA Focal Point with responsibility for the implementation of the land resources component of the BPOA.

The role of the UNCCD Focal Point who are members of the PISLM Assembly are as follows:

  1. The provision of information on activities at the National level on ongoing activities, including the implementation of the NAPs. Based on the information provided by the NFPs the PISLM Support Office will work together with the NFPs to provide technical backstopping and assist in mobilizing resources;
  2. Work in collaboration with the PISLM Support Office towards the production of a sub-regional action programme, within the context of the UNCCD;
  3. Provide guidance
  4. Select members of the PISLM Task Force

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