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Expert Group

The Expert Group/Committee on Science and Technology will be constituted to address scientific and technical issues relating to desertification, land degradation and drought taking into consideration the inter-linkages between the various MEAs in Caribbean SIDS. The actions of this expert group will be consistent with the relevant science and technology provisions of the UNCCD 10 Year Strategy and Implementation Framework.

The Mandate of the Expert Group Includes:

  1. The Expert Group is established as an advisory body to the PISLM. It will provide objective, strategic, scientific and technical advice on sustainable land management issues, land degradation, drought in Caribbean SIDS as well as the implications of the UNCCD and other MEAs. In the pursuit of this objective, it will develop a network of Caribbean SIDS scientists and technical experts consistent with the ILACT.
  2. The Expert Group will coordinate its activities with the Business Plan and Work Programmes of the PISLM. In addition to providing objective, strategic, scientific and technical advice to the PISLM, the Expert Group will function as the Caribbean SIDS Sub Regional Committee on Science and Technology of the ILACT.
  3. The Expert Group will also in its work seek complementarities with the Work Programmes of other S&T Committees of other Conventions, in pursuit of the objectives outlined in the PISLM Business Plan.
  4. The Expert Group will report to the Task Force and the Task Force will define the working modalities of the Expert Group vis-a-vis the ILACT.
  5. The Support Office will act as the Secretariat to the Expert Group.

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