In Caribbean SIDS

Land Degradation Neutrality

The united nations convention to combat desertification defines LND as

“A state whereby the amount and quality of land resources, necessary to support ecosystem functions and services and enhance food security, remains stable or increases within specified temporal and spatial scales and ecosystems.”

The success of many aspects of sustainable development goals depend on access to healthy and productive land

Meeting the obligations set out in LND may ?? as Fulfilling the success of the SDG though a range of Sustainable land management activities such as :

Integrated water management though sustainable land use
• Comprehensive energy planning and phasing out of fossil fuels though the use of bio fuels increasing efficiency closing yield gaps and reducing offsite impacts
Improving security of land tenure addressing gender disparities and reducing inequalities
Protecting large ecosystem for biodiversity and Eco systems services

The LDN Target setting Programme provided critical support to Caribbean SIDS in using evidence-based strategic land use planning and policy making and enabled them to both expand their capacity and increase their opportunities for finance.

By establishing national voluntary LDN Targets, Caribbean SIDS have defined their ambitions and key priorities to address land degradation. The LDN target setting process has allowed national stakeholders to systematically analyze the causes and effects of land degradation and to come up with evidenced based decisions on what is desirable and feasible to avoid, reduce or reverse land degradation by 2030.

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