Caribbean Land and Soil Outlook

The Land-SoilOutlook forms the basis for a Sustained Public Education Programme on SLM and LDN. It draws heavily on the knowledge and information generated through this project to inform stakeholders and the general public of project implementation progress and key findings.
The Land-Soil Outlook along with other Public Education Initiatives are being used as the basis for the implementation of a sustained Public Education Programme on SLM and LDN and their implications for national and regional sustainable development.


the Project

1) Objective

To support knowledge sharing at the regional level by :

(i) providing training and capacity development, including technical backstopping, on methodologies for assessing land degradation and vulnerability to climate change in target land use systems and landscapes;

(ii) providing training on adaptation/climate resilience assessment and access to finance for climate technologies;

(iii) training on Farmer Field Schools and Climate Smart-climate Tools, Techniques and Methodologies;

(iv) supporting the access of selected groups to climate information and adaptation practices; and

(v) designing mainstreaming strategies for Sustainable and Climate Resilient Soil/Land Management, and to support their integration into National Policies, land use planning and financing mechanisms at the national and regional levels

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